The process of cleaning food processing factories

Cleaning and disinfecting food processing factories is a vital part of the production cycle. These activities can have bad consequences if not done properly. Cleaning hard surfaces connected with food processing is becoming increasingly difficult. Effective cleaning of food processing factories helps reduce your facility’s risk of spreading foodborne illnesses. By following proper processes to clean your food processing factory, you maintain your facility’s public image, reduce costly recalls and lawsuits, and keep your workers and consumers safe and healthy.

Cultivate a clean culture:

Cleaning your food processing facility is the responsibility of everyone who walks through your doors, whether they work on the processing floor or the offices. Your first and basic step should be to cultivate a clean culture. Ensure you make it easy for employees to feel comfortable speaking to their supervisors or upper management to report spills, possible contamination, and other cleanliness problems. Keeping a clean food processing space is not only good for your overall processing cleanliness, but it helps to increase employee safety, productivity, and morale as well.

Clean equipment:

We’re sure we don’t have to tell you how essential the cleanliness of the equipment in the production, preparation, and manufacture of food is. Neglecting this can cause cross-contamination, bacteria to build up, and shorter lifecycles for machinery and tools. Follow these guidelines to ensure your equipment remains clean, hygienic, and up to standard:

  • Ensure that all equipment for the production, storage, and transport of food is easy to clean.
  • Ensure the cleaning and disinfecting process does not damage the equipment in any way.
  • Develop regular maintenance and cleaning schedules for all equipment.
  • Hire a professional cleaning company like Spring Green Trading to help you achieve maximum food processing unit cleaning.

Personal hygiene for staff and visitors:

Regardless of whether a person is doing a job on the factory floor, moving food, or visiting the production area for some other reason, everyone should follow strict hygiene guidelines to ensure the safe handling of food. These include:

  • Thorough washing of hands.
  • Transparent communication of any illnesses that could affect food quality.
  • Always wearing appropriate attire.
  • Full training and appropriate use of machinery.
  • Minimal contact with ready-to-eat food.

Wet cleaning and sanitization:

Food Safety Magazine mentions four key steps for cleaning and sanitizing factory areas and food preparation machinery:

  • You should clean each surface with the appropriate cleaner and method.
  • When sweeping a wet floor, use a squeegee or squeegee mop as they are easier to clean than brooms and brushes.
  • Use the correct temperature water to flush.
  • Apply sanitizer only after a thorough cleaning.
  • Rinse sanitizer from surfaces or floors using only clean water, unless using a non-rinse sanitizer.

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